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10 April 1962
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Who really cares about me but if you are that curious........
Born under the sunsign Aries... A cancer rising Moon in the year of the Tiger * rowl * Way too overly obsessed with fantasy than is probably healthy, but who the hell cares right. Deal with it.
Grocery manager by day... struggling graphics artist by night * literally* ( both the struggling AND the night part* Been writing FanFic and illustrating such in the LOTR fandom.... forever it seems...Went to a Con for the first time with some wonderful friends.....and had the time of my life. Am SO doing that again. even if I have to go alone!

Anyways boring.........

All my artwork is Fantasy/Pagan based in some way or another. Some dealing with Celtic mythology, fae....dragons......Elves.....( both slash and het pairings so tread carefully!!) and am always up to a challenge or request! So DONT be shy.

Early work included graphite and ink and W/C work, but as soon as $ came through and I could repair my ArtTablet.... CG rocks!!!! Have been dabbling 3D.....( poser, Daz, Bryce..) but 2D romantic style painting and photo manip is still my fav.

OK nuff said...... those of you who know me are probaby the only ones to read this far anyways ((( And i bet shocked that I could type this wothout a zillion typos! IJULO!!!!!!)))

Drop me a line......I'll bite :)..... and hard if you want me too Heheh


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